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Ink, Paint & Pencil

Lynette Baber 
Lynette has been drawing for as long as she remembers. Being creative has always been a part of who she is. Drawing and painting on tile has been a fun medium for her. "Working with color and seeing my paintings come alive when they've been glazed and fired is always a surprise." There is never a "sure thing" when working on tile! That is part of the intrigues her about working in this medium.
Dave Elhart 
Dave Elhart likes to share that he was diagnosed with "a case of extreme imagination" when he was young.
He says he's "glad he never got rid of it". His fantastical images are created out his imagination, and using complex patterns and textures tend to reveal layers of stories that the imagination can run away with.

Marybeth Hekman 
Mary Beth is a nurse by training, with an insatiable desire to created she experimented with a variety of mediums, including pen and ink, glass, fabric, and paper-making. She settled on watercolor as her favorite, and has refined her technique with this unforgiving medium to represent realistic renditions of nature at its best.

LeAnn Sowa
LeAnn is a west Michigan artist who started in her youth doing sketches of animals, people, and buildings.
As an adult, her favorite medium was watercolor. She took classes at a variety of colleges, including Hertfordshire College in Ware, England. She has participated in Art Prize for five years and has received awards at the Saugatuck Waterfront Invitational in 2011 and 2013. She works from her home studio, just outside of Cedar Rapids. 

Kathy Stanton
Kathy works in several mediums, including oils, digital imagery, and mixed media pieces and jewelry made from Michigan stones. Revealing the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary is the goal for Kathy in all of her work. She began taking art classes at the Cincinnati Art Museum and went on to study design at the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture & Art. She moved to Michigan and worked as a designer for years before taking classes at Oxbow, which rekindled her interest in art.

Daniel Violante       
Dana Ziebarth
Dana is a water colorist who's favorite motifs are the Lake Michigan shore, lighthouses, and flowers. Each of her paintings is joyously created, sparkling with color and beauty. Dana started her education at Ray-Vogue Art School in Chicago and continued her education at Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and at Master Color Workshops Florence, Italy and Paris, France. See more at: