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Lyndy Lee
Lyndy has been creating her unique ceramic pieces for more than 18 years.  Her ornamental pieces with her signature faces include wall vases, large vessels, trays, platters, and smaller dishes.
Anne Lemke
Anne has been creating functional, nature inspired pottery for years. Her Toad houses, platters, cups, and trays offer beautiful ways to serve and display. 
Jim Nulty
Jim has been involved in the arts for years a an advocate and administrator of the arts. Now he is exploring his creative side through ceramics and encaustic painting. His ceramics explore a range of styles and function. His encaustic (painting with bees wax) work richly depicts his subjects through the use of paint and other objects embedded in the wax.
Vonda Jamrog
Vonda is exploring various styles of working and firing her ceramic work. Her light colors has a feminine spirit and her subjects carry a lot of spiritual inspiration.